"Kelleys Mobile Notary has been handling our Nationwide Notary service for the past 4 years, we find them to be very efficient and professional and we highly recommend their service." (Ruth Denham - Novation Capital)

Simply said, they are wonderful! They respond quickly. They get docs signed and back in the overnight box without delay. They are pleasant and very accommodating to meet any and all needs of my clients. They travel. They close early. They close late. They are simply wonderful!
Michelle Campbell
Stewart Title Insurance Agency of Utah, Inc.
Senior Escrow Officer

"Kelleys Mobile Notary Service provides excellent travelling notary services. The notary who assisted us was very prompt and professional and provided a high quality service. I would recommend Kelleys for mobile notary services in the Houston area." (Law offices Of Nancy Stone)

My experience with Kelleys Mobile Notary Service has been wonderful. They have worked with me on last minute docs and the clients have had no complaints.I have always received my packages back in a timely manner and everything complete.
They have all my mobile closings!

As a records retrieval company, we are commissioned by attorneys to retrieve copies of many different types of records as part of the discovery process. In almost all cases, this type of record retrieval requires that the records be notarized. In some cases, it also requires that the subpoena be hand-served. We can depend on Kelleys Mobile Notary Services to notarize documents in keeping with the laws of the State of Texas. They also can serve subpoenas to business entities. All services provided have been accurate, dependable and done with a high degree of professionalism.

Karren Marshall

I have been a mobile notary for several years, and I work with many companies that are out of state.

Kelley's Mobile Notary is one of the most professional services that I have come across. When an order is sent to you, the instructions are clear and if you have any questions, you are able to reach someone by email or phone right away. They pay promptly, and I would highly recommend their service! (S. Caldwell)

I have been doing Notary signings for Kelleys Mobile Notary for about a year. It's all about service to the client, as well as to the Notary, as it should be. I highly recommend Kelleys Mobile Notary for all of your signing needs.
B. Burger
San Antonio, Texas

We have worked with Kelley Mobile Notary Service since 2009, Ms Kelley has professional knowledge and skills to lead her team, and her communication skills are top notch. Working with Ms Kelley is a great experience and you will not receive better and faster service than from Kelley Mobile Notary Service.
AXL Delivery Services, Dallas-Fort-worth