About Us:

CEO and founder, Kelley, had two realizations when she became a Certified Notary Signing Agent after several years as a paralegal. The first was that it was difficult for companies to attain professional, yet affordable, mobile notary and process servers. Second, notaries were having a difficult time finding ongoing assignments and dependable employers.

This is when she founded Kelley's Mobile Notary Service in 2005.

Kelley's experience as both a client and provider inspired her to start a company that puts the customers first, and recognizes that the professionals providing the services require consistent communication and support. Satisfaction all around breeds' success!

Kelley places emphasis on our people and balances affordable services to our clients with fair compensation to our professionals.

KMNS is committed to providing clients with a reliable and trustworthy partner. We understand the importance of transparency and discretion in our field. We guarantee that all documents will be handled with confidentiality and respect. We look forward to assisting you with your mobile notary and process server needs. Contact us at 1-877-237-7865 now to get started!