Process  Servers:

How do you eliminate the expensive and time-consuming "chase" when you have legal papers to serve? How do you insure that your firm's part of the due process of law is fulfilled?

You turn it over to a professional.

Our process servers are experienced experts at serving legal documents with courtesy and respect. They will also file court papers and/or retrieve documents based on your specific instructions. We will work closely with you and your staff to achieve quality and efficient services to accommodate your special needs and/or circumstances.

We realize that subpoenas, divorce petitions, and notices of garnishments often provoke emotional responses. Our process servers are trained on how to handle these assignments with skill and finesse. We cover major cities such as Houston, Dallas and San Antonio, just to name a few, and, of course, many more!

Below is a list of some of the documents we serve! ...


Subpoenas Statements of Claims Summons to Court Notice of Garnishment
Complaints Judgments Motion Records Application Records
Summons to Witness Petition for Divorce Notice of Contempt Demand Letters

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