Buying a home is one of the most expensive purchases people will ever make. If you are buying a home, chances are that there is a number of scammers and identity thieves having an eye to forge your identity. Be smart & enlist your name among smart Americans that deterrent fraud & protect the humongous mound of mortgage loan documents with Kelley’s Mobile Notary Service reliable shield of notarization. On your fingertip, our team of experienced, certified, exceptional & dynamic document-signing professionals and notary publics go an extra mile to keep frauds miles away from following of your mortgage loan documents and concerns.

  • FHA /HUD Loan document notarization
  • Refinancing document notarization
  • Home Purchasing document notarization
  • Reverse Mortgage document notarization
  • Property Tax Lien document notarization
  • Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) document notarization

On your fingertip-A call away

Whether you are located in Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth, California, Florida, New York, or all areas in between, our mobile notary services are here to help. Based in Texas, expanding across all 50 states, Kelley’s exceptional range of comprehensive mobile notary services are all set to help you to rest assured that your document is legal and safe to process. Call us today at (877) 237- 7865 & get the ball rolling when and where you need us!