When you have a business to run, the last thing you want to do is chase and track people down all over the country to serve them with legal papers. However, the need still exists to have someone knock on the doors of those who must receive that dire communication. That someone must guarantee your company’s due process is fulfilled. So, what do you do? The answer is that you submit your needs to Kelley’s Mobile Notary Service. We offer access to a team of the finest process servers in the country.

A Team of Expert Process Servers

Kelley’s Mobile Notary Service gives you instant access to a team of the finest process servers in the nation. Our team consists of expert servers with many years of experience serving a wide range of legal documents as per your instructions.
Our mission is to work closely with each of our clients to develop a personalized service that meets their every need. Our goal is to work with you and your staff to meet and exceed the quality and efficiency you deserve no matter what your special needs or circumstances may be.
Our process servers are pre-screened, tested, and approved. To ensure continuous quality of service, our servers are monitored and rated on their performance on a regular basis.
At Kelley’s Mobile Notary Service, we realize that when it comes to delivering important types of legal documents such as divorce papers, subpoenas, and notifications of garnishment, the process can often evoke strong emotional reactions from the recipient. To this end, each process server we utilize has been fully trained in how to handle various types of situations with skill and finesse needed to avoid any type of possible confrontation.
In addition, we serve major cities from coast to coast, call us today and let us take care of your process service needs!
Below is a list of some of the documents we serve!

Subpoenas Statements of Claims Summons to Court Notice of Garnishment
Complaints Judgments Motion Records Application Records
Summons to Witness Petition for Divorce Notice of Contempt Demand Letters